Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Information System; I.S.

Six decades have past since the advent of the computer and the utilization of the binary system, namely 0’s and 1’s. Now, we can finally stop and reflect and realize our being-ness and acknowledge the make up of the universe, by reducing matter and energy to their rightful constituency – the Information System. The Information System is the system that allows us to contemplate one final blow to our ignorance of the Truth. Take a flower for example. As we know, the flower does not process thoughts as we humans do. Nevertheless, the flower knows to direct itself toward the sunlight in order to collect the chlorophyll it needs to survive. Some flowers even react to touch and close up their leaves and “play dead” when a hand or twig brushes against it. Although a flower does not have a ‘mind’ as we know it, it is made up of bits of information that allow it to function in the system called the universe. The organization of these bits of information is the very make up of the information system, namely the I.S. universe.