Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where There are Infinite Possibilities, There are Zero Options.

The creation process materializes from endless computations of the intangible and the tangible 01, a testament to the theory that we live in a realm of infinite possibilities.

In the realm of infinite possibilities there are zero options because we are, nevertheless, subject to the realm that we live in. We reside in a sphere and we are subject to that sphere; everything that we perceive comes from the information within the constraints of the sphere. We cannot control or change the information we receive; the timing of our birth, the rate at which we grow old and when we die. Even if one ‘chooses’ to end his life, it is still all a part of the system. Therefore, we are neutral species no different from the amoeba, the fish, or the monkey, living in the realm of infinite possibilities, where anything can happen.

The question of free will only exists in accordance with the illusion that we have the ultimate power of choice, but if you look at it holistically, it is evident that the realm of infinite possibilities negates freedom of choice. The choices of an individual are far more complex. They involve the systematic and symbiotic interaction between time (0) and matter (1). They are a result of the thought process, and our thoughts are dictated by our perception of which we are not in control of. The information we use “to choose” is provided to us by the system. Infinite possibilities naturally dictate all outcomes in the creation process. We are all subjects to the realms of Time and timing and the Infinite potentialities and we have not a single choice in the matter.

The nucleus that we live in is an information capsule made up of 0’s and 1’s supported and sustained by the infinite potentialities where we have no options. We live within the boundaries of the nucleus and so we are subject to the nucleus, playing by its rules, and reacting to the information that it provides us with.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The question of Time, Timing and Change

Whatever has happened in the past, and whatever will happen in the future substantiates the ongoing cycle that makes up the creation process (derived from the realm of infinite potentialities); something is created as the previous thing is simultaneously destroyed. Time is intangible and does not exist until it creates its counterpart, matter (this concept is explained in the previous post: “Universal Polarities: Time/Matter, Chaos/Order, 01”). It is the change that happens through ‘time’ that quantifies timing. So, time does not move forward or backward, what we experience is an endless string of change.

To illustrate the difference between the illusion that Time is in constant forward motion and the reality, that change quantifies time, imagine you are in a train station, sitting on a train that is parked beside another train. The train next to you begins to move. You are gripped by the illusion that your train is the one moving, likewise we have been living with the illusion that our train, Time, is the one that is in motion. Timing is the pendulum that seems to move forward, away from the past. It is the train next to us, change that is actually in motion. It is not Time that moves forward but the creation process at work, destroying and creating from 0 to 1.

Timing is the measurement of change that holds our imagination captive.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Universal Polarities: Time/Matter, Chaos/Order, 01

Before Einstein resurrected a fourth dimension called TIME, the masses generally accepted a three-dimensional world made up of height, width, and depth. For the sake of exploration, I propose that we consider the first three dimensions, attributed to tangible matter as one all encompassing dimension and let us keep the intangible TIME as the second dimension. This perception will capitalize on the importance of dual polarities as the fundamental principle of the self-created universe, such that the intangible ‘0’ creates the tangible ‘1’ and the ‘1’ cannot come to be without the ‘0’.

In the Universal Information System dual polarities generate meaning. One way to grasp this concept is by using the example of language. The vocabulary within language relies on its counterparts to produce meaning. For instance: take the adjectives hot and cold. One could not comprehend the essence of ‘hot’ unless it could be compared to its opposite. By being aware of both contradicting adjectives, we can subconsciously deduce ‘Hot’ is ‘Not cold’. Everything is relative to its polarity, so ‘hot’ and ‘cold,’ ‘fast’ and ‘slow,’ ‘high’ and ‘low,’ ‘long’ and ‘short,’ ‘positive and negative,’ ‘on and off,’ ‘female and male’ are mutually dependant on one another in order to obtain meaning (or create in the case of the female/male).

The following is a less tangible example: On a cosmic scale things happen at once in the eternal now. For instance, as soon as something is created it is simultaneously destroyed as something new takes its place, in an endless chain reaction. But when this cycle is amassed or viewed as a collective, as we do in our daily lives, things have a clear beginning and end. Another example is the transition between Day and Night. The changeover appears to happen in 12-hour increments but on a cosmic scale it happens all at once. As the planet rotates approximately 1000 miles an hour around the equator night and day are occurring concurrently in different time zones.

The universe is both an open and a closed system. It is an open system because it is a time/space element; an infinite womb that carries the embryonic scale of galaxies and quasars floating in an open space. Then again, if we aggregate all the matter that exists in the universe it is a closed system. The system relies on space and time (open system), and space and time cannot be perceived unless there is matter (closed system) to formulate it. Thus one system cannot exist without the other.

Just like the universe exists in dual polarities so does everything within it. The universe is an I.S. (Information System) made up of ‘0’s and ‘1’s where the intangible ‘0’ creates the tangible ‘1’. The ‘0’ and the ‘1’ are polarized because the ‘0’ is nothing and the ‘1’ is something. Therefore, the ‘0’ (time/mind) brings existence to the tangible ‘1’, that is everything that could be seen, heard, smelled, or tasted, etc. The polarized ‘01’ generates change, and thus, creation. The transformation occurs via magical quantum leaps in the realm of infinite possibilities. So, like every thing else, the universal polarities ‘0’ and ‘1’ are inter-dependent, they mutually co-create what is. It is to be noted with amazement, how dual universal polarities, as that of the ‘0’ and the ‘1,’ can ultra cosmically propagate to be as multi-dimensional as that of the infinite possibilities.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Information System; I.S.

Six decades have past since the advent of the computer and the utilization of the binary system, namely 0’s and 1’s. Now, we can finally stop and reflect and realize our being-ness and acknowledge the make up of the universe, by reducing matter and energy to their rightful constituency – the Information System. The Information System is the system that allows us to contemplate one final blow to our ignorance of the Truth. Take a flower for example. As we know, the flower does not process thoughts as we humans do. Nevertheless, the flower knows to direct itself toward the sunlight in order to collect the chlorophyll it needs to survive. Some flowers even react to touch and close up their leaves and “play dead” when a hand or twig brushes against it. Although a flower does not have a ‘mind’ as we know it, it is made up of bits of information that allow it to function in the system called the universe. The organization of these bits of information is the very make up of the information system, namely the I.S. universe.