Friday, November 21, 2008

The question of Time, Timing and Change

Whatever has happened in the past, and whatever will happen in the future substantiates the ongoing cycle that makes up the creation process (derived from the realm of infinite potentialities); something is created as the previous thing is simultaneously destroyed. Time is intangible and does not exist until it creates its counterpart, matter (this concept is explained in the previous post: “Universal Polarities: Time/Matter, Chaos/Order, 01”). It is the change that happens through ‘time’ that quantifies timing. So, time does not move forward or backward, what we experience is an endless string of change.

To illustrate the difference between the illusion that Time is in constant forward motion and the reality, that change quantifies time, imagine you are in a train station, sitting on a train that is parked beside another train. The train next to you begins to move. You are gripped by the illusion that your train is the one moving, likewise we have been living with the illusion that our train, Time, is the one that is in motion. Timing is the pendulum that seems to move forward, away from the past. It is the train next to us, change that is actually in motion. It is not Time that moves forward but the creation process at work, destroying and creating from 0 to 1.

Timing is the measurement of change that holds our imagination captive.


Anonymous said...

Hi Edmond,

I met you on a bench in Greenwich and you gave me an insight into your world view. It has some appealing details but i would like to understand the benefit of such an approach. If this is a deeper understanding of time, how will we witness this understanding. Belief is powerful but to make people believe, you must have a correlation between theory and fact, even faith normally requires experiential evidence.
Also you talk about space distinctly from matter, is this another dimension or does space have some special importance.
I don't know if you consider these issues relevant but i would be interested to hear from you, as we agreed on a great many other things.
Hope you enjoyed/are enjoying London.
Will said...

Write to me at

Cally said...

Hello Edmond,

It's been a while... and I found you here when I googled your name and the word "TIME." Thought you'd find that interesting!

It would be good to talk with you again. I hope you are well.