Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where There are Infinite Possibilities, There are Zero Options.

The creation process materializes from endless computations of the intangible and the tangible 01, a testament to the theory that we live in a realm of infinite possibilities.

In the realm of infinite possibilities there are zero options because we are, nevertheless, subject to the realm that we live in. We reside in a sphere and we are subject to that sphere; everything that we perceive comes from the information within the constraints of the sphere. We cannot control or change the information we receive; the timing of our birth, the rate at which we grow old and when we die. Even if one ‘chooses’ to end his life, it is still all a part of the system. Therefore, we are neutral species no different from the amoeba, the fish, or the monkey, living in the realm of infinite possibilities, where anything can happen.

The question of free will only exists in accordance with the illusion that we have the ultimate power of choice, but if you look at it holistically, it is evident that the realm of infinite possibilities negates freedom of choice. The choices of an individual are far more complex. They involve the systematic and symbiotic interaction between time (0) and matter (1). They are a result of the thought process, and our thoughts are dictated by our perception of which we are not in control of. The information we use “to choose” is provided to us by the system. Infinite possibilities naturally dictate all outcomes in the creation process. We are all subjects to the realms of Time and timing and the Infinite potentialities and we have not a single choice in the matter.

The nucleus that we live in is an information capsule made up of 0’s and 1’s supported and sustained by the infinite potentialities where we have no options. We live within the boundaries of the nucleus and so we are subject to the nucleus, playing by its rules, and reacting to the information that it provides us with.

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